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Let's Hope the Cryptic Instagram Post of Justice Means a New Album Is Coming

The bloghouse revival is upon us.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Many things have changed since bloghhouse first rose (and quickly died) in the ears of dance music fans across the globe. Facebook emerged as the victor in social networking sites (sorry MySpace). Soundcloud found an audience of experimental and copycat bedroom producers eager to share their sounds with anyone who'd listen. EDM became a thing in the US, effectively fueling a new generation of rowdy, dancing teens eager to let loose (or at least wait for the beat to drop).


Now, nine years after their debut LP Cross, late-aughts bloghhouse kings Justice are back. Maybe. UK label Because Music announced something this week with the duo. Just what that something actually is, however, remains to be seen. On an Instagram post on Tuesday, the label wrote about, "new adventures with these boys," underneath a photo of Gaspard Michel Andre Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, and tagged Ed Banger Records.

Because Music didn't return a request asking what was up with the post, but there are many signs pointing to a new album. Their last new full-length release, Audio, Video, Disco, came out in 2011. Since then, the group has released a digital EP and a live album. In 2014, rumors of a new album emerged when staffers from Croatia's FOR Festival reported that Auge confirmed a new album in the works. Later in 2015, Busy P of Ed Banger revealed that the duo were "locked in the studio everyday."

Bloghouse, for the younger set, was a loosely-defined subgenre of electronic music (everything from French touch DJs to indie dance punk bands) that emerged with the rising popularity of mp3 blogs. Its most popular acts were housed on Ed Banger records and included acts such as the late DJ Medhi and acts like Cassius, Sebastian and Breakbot, who still make music today.

A new Justice album would also make sense as 2016 continues to emerge as the year of bloghouse resurgence. Earlier in April, songstress and early Justice collaborator Uffie revealed on her Facebook page that she is back in the studio. And in March, Cassius, "everyone's favorite French house duo," released their first new single since 2010.