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​Mixcloud Takes Aim at SoundCloud with New Mix Importing Feature

"Check my Mixcloud, bruh," may soon become a thing.

It hasn't been a very merry month of May for SoundCloud. Just days after negotiations broke down between Sony Music and the streaming music site, resulting in the formal withdrawal of music by Adele, Janelle Monae, and Miguel (amongst others) from the streaming platform's site, the Berlin-based company is under fire from a totally different angle: Mixcloud.

Although SoundCloud and Mixcloud were launched within a year of each other, in 2007 and 2008, respectively, the former's user base dwarfs that of its London-based competitor by almost ten times. In an attempt to bridge the gap, Mixcloud have announced the beta launch of a feature that will allow users to import all their own mix uploads from SoundCloud directly into Mixcloud in one fell swoop.

For a while now, SoundCloud has been under attack on multiple fronts as their quest to monetize stalls and competition continues to grow, but the zeitgeist of free, UGC streaming, particularly in dance music, is still very much connected to that puffy orange cloud.

Find out more about Mixcloud's new importing feature here.