Kenny Glasgow Announces Separation from Art Department
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Kenny Glasgow Announces Separation from Art Department

It's cool, they can still be friends.

Canadian dance music duo Art Department has announced its end. In a press release today, Kenny Glasgow confirmed that he will be leaving the group to pursue music as a solo artist. His other half, Jonny White, will continue to produce and perform under the Art Department moniker.

"This kind of project is like a creative marriage and after five years we just feel like there's more we need to do in other areas," says Glasgow in a statement today. "Having already released a solo album, I have felt a strong need to follow that up and explore that side of my production."


After five years together in which they released two LPs, and dozens of singles and remixes, Art Department are far from going cold turkey on their partnership. Glasgow has revealed his plans to release a full-length solo album on White's No.19 Music label sometime this year. They will continue to collaborate for the launch of a new imprint as well, in lockstep with No.19.

"Kenny has nearly completed his own solo body of work that I really believe in, and he should by all means pursue those goals," White confirms. "Of course Art Department is not the same Art Department without Kenny, that's something that can not be duplicated. It will take a new shape, but this is an exciting chapter for both of us as friends and artists."

"Art Department is in a great place and I'm not getting any younger—now is the time," adds Glasgow.

The duo will perform together as Art Department at a very limited number of special appearances this year, likely to include their confirmed festival slots at Electric Daisy Carnival in New York and Las Vegas, Movement Detroit, Tomorrowland in Brazil, and Groovefest.

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