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Ash Koosha's Dazzling New Record Finds Beauty in Collaged Complexity

'I AKA I' marks his debut on veteran London imprint Ninja Tune.
March 30, 2016, 10:15pm
Photo by Ozge Cone

Ash Koosha sees colors and memories everywhere. The Iran-born, London-based artist, is a synesthete, which means that he has involuntary reactions to environmental stimuli; sounds or numbers, trigger sensations like color, taste, or memory. Koosha's new album, I AKA I, which is out this Friday on veteran London label Ninja Tune, is a good place to start understanding what being synesthetic is actually like.


The album, currently streaming over at Dazed along with a full-length interview, is a collage-heavy workout in what he calls "nano-composition." Bringing together vast libraries of samples and sounds of indecipherable origin, its complexity feels like an algorithmically-precise evocation of randomness, and it's quite beautiful.

I AKA I is the follow up to Koosha's GUUD LP on NY label Olde English Spelling Bee last year. The producer is currently on something of a world tour; he's set to play in the Netherlands, Arizona, and Quebec.

I AKA I is out on Ninja Tune on April 1.

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