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Tiga, Jackmaster, and Boiler Room Donate to Aleppo Relief Effort

Members of the dance music community step up.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This week saw a horrific peak in the ongoing crisis in eastern Aleppo, Syria. After months under siege, the rebel-held city was stormed by pro-government forces, resulting in thousands of civilians being killed or displaced from their homes.

Members of the dance music community have stepped up to assist humanitarian efforts. Glaswegian DJ Jackmaster and Canada's own Tiga have both shared that they will be donating a percentage (in the former's case, ten percent) of their New Year's Eve and New Year's Day gigs to multiple assistance groups. Though Tiga stated specifically that he'd be donating to Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children, Jackmaster has provided link to other organizations including Peoples Convoy, UNICEF, and British Red Cross.

"As someone lucky enough to be in the position to donate to worthy causes such as this, more often than not I have sat on my arse and watched it happen on TV," wrote Jackmaster on Facebook. "This changes now. If you too are lucky enough to be in a position to donate something (fucking anything), then you can do so using any of the links listed in the comments section below. If you aren't able to donate, then please share this post if you can."

According to his tour dates, Jackmaster has four gigs planned across the holiday: on Saturday, December 31, he'll play Edinburgh's Liquid Room and Sub Club in Glasgow; and on January 1, he has two more lined up at Motion Bristol and Manchester's Warehouse Project. Tiga will be performing at Disclosure's Wild Life party in New York.

Boiler Room also announced today that they will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from purchases in their online store will go to the White Helmets Charity in Syria.