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SWISHA Slam Dunks Jersey Club, Footwork, and Baile Funk Together on Debut Album 'JBW2K16'

Stream the LA producer and Juke Bounce Werk member's collaborative record with Los before it comes out Oct. 8.
Photo by Cindy Lopez

Since working as a graphic designer at Mad Decent, SWISHA has been establishing himself as a producer to watch, through his work with LA collective Juke Bounce Werk, and breakneck remixes of songs by Kelela, Young Thug, Jessy Lanza, and more. Recently, he was one of 70 participants who attended this year's Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal.

Today THUMP premieres an exclusive stream of his forthcoming full-length debut JBW2K16, co-produced by Jersey City, New Jersey beatmaker Los. The record also features contributions from JBW crew members Kush Jones and Scatta, and Chicago ghetto house veteran Traxman, who appears on harmonic dance floor sweeper "Azusa." Over the course of 14 Jersey club and footwork tracks, the young producers fold in soulful vocal samples, heavy-hitting basslines, and influences from beyond US borders.


"Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 was what first got me into Brazilian music, but baile funk really inspired me to incorporate similar rhythms and different percussive elements," SWISHA tells THUMP via email.

Pre-order JBW2K16 before it comes out Oct. 8 on Dome of Doom and Great Traks, and if you live in Vancouver, catch him at New Forms Festival this Saturday.

JBW2K16 Tracklist:

1. Make Me Dance (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)
2. Born Dis Way (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)
3. Point 'Em Out
4. Maku (feat. Kush Jones)
5. Singers Unltd (feat. Kush Jones)
6. Azusa (feat. Traxman)
7. Henno In Hand
8. Hol' Uh
9. Creating BANG (feat. Kush Jones, & Scatta)
10. Burn It Up
11. Bling Blaow (feat. Scatta & Kush Jones)
12. U Wuz Right It Wuz Wrong
13. JBW 2K16 (feat. Scatta)
14. Cold As Ice (feat. Sonic D, Kush Jones, & Scatta)

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