This story is over 5 years old.

Rustie Made a Riddim From His Bed in the Emergency Room

He is so glad to be alive, you can download this track for free.

Proving himself to have either an insatiable work ethic, or mild concussion, Rustie has gone all "Through the Wire" after waking up in A&E, and has started producing bed-bound beats. The new track, "160 Hospital Riddim", was shared with the caption "quick beat i made after waking up in hospital! glad to be alive so u can all have it for freee bishh". Clearly, whatever the reason for his hospitalisation, it hasn't affected his faculties for producing heat — but we obviously wish him a speedy recovery regardless.


The track, and free download, is below, as well as a sage warning from the Glaswegian.

remeber kidz its all fun and games gettin white girl wasted till u end up like diz or worse — EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE (@RUSTIE)October 14, 2015

Rustie is on Twitter and Soundcloud.