Max Cooper Announces 'Emergence' Remix Album Featuring Rival Consoles, Patrice Bäumel and John Tejada

The 10-track edition is out on March 31 on the Northern Irish producer's own label, MESH.
February 1, 2017, 4:43pm
Photo of Max Cooper courtesy of label

Heady synth-scientist Max Cooper announced today a club-ready album of remixes of his November record, Emergence . Described as a "juicy package" on Cooper's YouTube, Emergence Remixed will include a 6-track vinyl release, as well as a 10-track digital edition. Remixed tracks on the package feature the likes of Rival Consoles, Patrice Bäumel, and Kompakt's John Tejada.

To mark the occasion, Cooper shared Rival Consoles' version of "Distant Light," streaming below.

On the audio-visual Emergence project, Cooper created a mesmerizing listening experience meant to emulate the scientific principle of emergence, the idea that the elements of our world continually evolve from one state of being to another. Emergence Remixed stays true to this thematic vision while other artists layer in dancefloor-worthy drum and bass or inject fuller sounds with synthesizer work and their own unique styles.

Emergence Remixed is out on March 31 on MESH.