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André Bratten's Trippy New Music Video Is Made From Actual Scans of His Brain

It's for the lead single "Quiet Earth" off his forthcoming album on Smalltown Supersound.
October 1, 2015, 2:00pm

Over the years, Smalltown Supersound has proven itself a reliable gateway into the local Norwegian music scene time and time again, helping artists like Todd Terje and Lindström make a name themselves stateside. André Bratten is one of the latest artists they've introduced to the world stage. Having just signed with them in June for a 6-track mini-album, Math Ilium Ion, he's already got a proper full length, Gode, ready to drop November 13th.


Today we're sharing the music video for "Quiet Earth," viewable above, which animates its meditative and textural soundtrack with a psychedelic clip constructed from actual scans of the artist's brain. Asked to provide some background on the song over email, Bratten didn't seem to want to give too much away. "The process behind 'Quiet Earth' was trying to make violas sound like a synth," he explained. "The contemporary scene in Norway where Ole-Henrik (strings) and I are coming from can be super pretentious, so it was fun to deconstruct the rules they have. I get really embarrassed about composers explaining the meaning of their music, [and sounding] really deep and emotional just to look smarter."

As for the concept behind video, the artist was equally tight-lipped. "I'm really conceptual, so when I make music, my brain sees pictures and colors," he said. "For me, to move onwards with the music I make, I always do the artwork, photos, and videos in my head simultaneously." Check out the video above, and be sure to snag the album when it drops in November. Tourdates below.


Oct 9. - Berlin, DE @ Beitola At Ipse

Oct 16. - Stavanger, NO @ Electro Motives Concerthouse Special

Oct 17. - Amsterdam, NE @ Straf_Werk Ade Special at De Kromhouthal

Oct 30. - Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Festival Paris Afterparty by RBMA

Oct 31. - Bergen, NO @ Ekko Festival

Nov 28. - Caen, FR @ Boréales Festival At Le Cargo


Dec 4. - Oslo, NO @ Parkteateret

Dec 11. - Prague, CZ @ Public House At MeetFactory

Jan 15. - London, UK @ XOYO

Jan 22. - Lyon, FR @ Correspondant Showcase at Le Sucre

Jan 23. - Paris, FR @ Correspondant Showcase at Rex Club

Feb 6. - Amsterdam, NE @ Marktkantine

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