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Golf Clap Have an Encyclopedic-Style Love of Dance Music

The Last Record: Golf Clap fancies early Kaytranada mixes, throwback drum and bass and "chill" house tunes.
Photo courtesy of Golf Clap.

Golf Clap differs from their peers by doing everything right. Their encyclopedic knowledge of dance music, years spent in, around and outside of the Detroit scene, and efficiency as creators and performers has made them a formidable addition to the electronic music world.

2016 has been their biggest and best year yet. Besides playing a large number of music festivals across the country, house and techno duo Golf Clap (Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones) will embark on a cross-country tour this fall. The group prefers to stay busy, leaving little room for rest in-between festival appearances, club sets, guest mixes, original releases and interviews.


Most recently, they released their Front & Back Nine series on Country Club Disco. The collections feature a number of new, original music and remixes from the likes of Ben Mono, Scott Diaz and Golf Clap themselves.

For the latest edition of "The Last Record," Golf Clap chose an eclectic mix of hip hop beats or edits, "chill" house cuts and throwback drum and bass tracks.

Kaytranada's Mixmag cover CD

This is an album, but also a mix. He mixed a bunch of exclusive, unreleased, and untitled music together for the cover of Mixmag back in 2014. We have listened to this a million times on YouTube, but we recently saw the CD at a store in the used section and couldn't resist picking it up. Kaytranada has this very distinct of loose beats that are right on the edge of falling off time. It makes his songs hard to DJ, but very cool and unique to listen to.

Strings / Valentine's Groove by KiNK

Both songs on this EP are phenomenal. We've been a big fan of KiNK for years now and this is some of his best work. He's also our favorite live act (along with FKJ). We actually saw him open his set at Movement in Detroit in 2015 with "Valentine's Groove" from this EP and have been waiting for it to come out ever since. KiNK just seems to understand the gear more than most producers and you can hear it in his music.

New Forms by Roni Size / Reprazent

We listened to this all the time when it first came out. Forgot about it for quite awhile and just recently picked up a copy again. This song "Heroes" used to have a video which aired during Amp on MTV. "Brown Paper Bag" and "Watching Windows" had cool videos from this album as well. It's one of the best drum and bass albums ever made.

Emerald Fantasy Tracks by Lone

"The Birds Don't Fly This High" is one of the most chill, relaxing songs ever. Never had the full album until recently for some reason. Lone is also a really great live act and he's responsible for one of our favorite songs, "Airglow Fires." We actually went to see him play in New York and showed up to the door right when he was ending his set. Luckily we got to catch him later at another show. Super talented guy.