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WMNSTUDIES and Waspy Breeze Their Way Through "Photographs"

Caution: May induce daydreaming.

A friendship made at an East Vancouver house party is likely a good one. Vancouverites Nathan 'Savemeboots' Samson of WMNSTUDIES and Zachary Forbes of Waspy met at such a shindig and have since become good friends and regular collaborators.

Their new track "Photographs" started as a demo track by WMNSTUDIES. When Samson brought the track to Waspy, their process evolved into a complete rework and full collaboration. "Photographs" is a breezy slice of the reflective sunglasses and tanned legs to come. Light tropical tones are laced with peachy vocals by the dream pop darling, Sundays. It's one of those imagining-yourself-in-a-music-video-while-driving tracks, so beware of daydreaming.

WMNSTUDIES, which includes Zach Smith, has soared into international recognition with their remixes, bootlegs, and stage sharing with acts such as Disclosure, Flume, Classixx, and Goldroom. Waspy spreads himself across his solo work, as one part of the R&B band DiRTY RADiO, and one-half of the "booty bass club duo" BNW with Blondtron.

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