Numbers By Numbers With Spencer


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Numbers By Numbers With Spencer

The Glasgow label's boss talks us through their year in facts and figures.

By now, Glaswegian giant Numbers should be one of your favourite record labels. It's certainly one of ours. Founded in 2010 after Stuff, Wireblock and Dress 2 Sweat merged into one gargantuan party throwing, record releasing enterprise, it's become a byword for top tier club music. The Numbers squad is relatively large but, rightly or wrongly, most of us heathens associate them with two people. The first is Jackmaster, and the second is Calum Morton, known to the world as Spencer.


As 2015 winds down, and Numbers get ready to host an insane looking party with the Hydra this weekend — with Jackmaster, Kornel Kovacs, Dennis Sulta, Sparky, Koreless, Mike Servito, Jay Daniel and Spencer himself all on the bill, you know this isn't your average Saturday night out— we sat down with Spencer for a quick run down of what he's been up to in 2015. In numbers. Because the label's called Numbers, you see. Clever aren't we?

THUMP: How many releases have come out on Numbers this year? Which is your number one?
Spencer: I think it's about nine at the moment… I'm not picking favourites but we've released a bunch of Glasgow friends; Sparky and Denis Sulta, some classics by DJ Deeon, 12"s from Adesse Versions and Kornel Kovacs, and the Sophie release is out now.

Can we ask…what's your birthday?
June 16th

What year did Numbers start?

How many people work there?
There's eight of us involved in running things at the moment, but we work in varying amounts. There's a few working for the label full time and part time, then everyone else jumps in and out on projects, including myself.

How many new artists have you singed to the label?
In 2015 we've been working with Kornel Kovacs, Kool Clap, Denis Sulta, Adesse Versions, DJ Deeon… we've known most of them for a long time but for the public they have technically released their first records for Numbers this year.

Do you have a '5-year-plan' for Numbers? What's your vision for the label?
We have ideas, but I'm not sharing secrets. I always feel a bit like as soon as people start doing the things you were considering, then you're in trouble.


If you had to chose, what would be your favourite BPM and why?
123, maybe. Disco, house and techno records can meet in the middle that way. Anyway it's better to think about the energy, the song, or the elements that compliment each other otherwise you could just get an application to do the DJ's job, which might not be a bad idea sometimes.

What's the most you've ever spent on a record?
I shelled out for a record by Clarence G, which is an alias of Drexciya, or Dopplereffekt actually. I'd been looking for it for over a decade, and had never even met anyone with it or seen in the flesh. Sean from Numbers saw it online on the Disk Union website, a shop in Tokyo, so I went in and found it as I was there at the time. We ended up chipping in for it for Jack(master)'s birthday. Sean's his brother so it made most sense as a ridiculous present. Clone recently announced a repress — thanks troops!

Who would be your dream DJ to go back 2 back with?
Let's say Ron Hardy, partly because it could never happen. I'd just have liked the opportunity to see him or Larry Levan play, but I only think that because I know it's impossible. I've heard people say never meet your heroes before and it's pretty good advice. It's normal to assume two DJs playing together would equal the sum of the individual parts, but it usually isn't, although I'm playing a bit with Kornel Kovacs at Numbers on Saturday, so we will obviously go against that theory.


What have been your three most vital items (away from DJ equipment) to have on tour with you this year?
Melatonin, friends, iPhone, Find My Phone

On average, how many emails with new music do you receive a day?
I got 6 yesterday but I only listened to one of them if that's a sample to go by? I'm on random lists and don't have enough hours in the day. I usually find the best stuff from hearing something in a club, on a mix, record shop or discogs.

Do you have a favorite / lucky number?

Do you have an unlucky number?
Thirteen is generally a problem, but maybe that's just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The massive Numbers party takes place December 5th at the Hydra, London. Head here for tickets and information.

Numbers are on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter