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EDM Loving Senator Marco Rubio Slapped With Cease and Desist by DJ Axwell

The Florida Republican is looking for "Something New" to play at his rallies.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Florida senator and professed EDM-lover Marco Rubio was recently dealt a staggering blow to his presidential campaign. Swedish DJ Axwell slapped him with a cease-and-desist for playing "Something New," a track co-produced with fellow Swede Sebastian Ingrosso.

At — Alex Conant (@AlexConant)December 12, 2015

"Electronic dance music — I'm a fan of," Rubio told supporters at a rally, according to NBC. "We just can't play it cause none of the DJ guys—they all send us letters, 'Don't play my music. I'm Swedish. I don't care about American politics.'"

Rubio's appeal to young voters is apparently a cause for concern within the Democratic establishment—because what better qualification for POTUS is there than being able to name drop David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia in a TMZ interview?

In any case, he'll be looking for "Something New" to play his rallies from now on.