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Watch DJ Krush's Stunning Sunrise Performance at Tokyo's Zōjō-ji​ Temple

He arrived hours beforehand to make sure the acoustics for the performance were perfectly tuned.

Acclaimed Japanese artist DJ Krush has partnered with VICE Japan to record a stunningly beautiful nine-minute performance at Tokyo's Zōjō-ji Buddhist temple. Set in the neighborhood of Shibuya, the Toshihiko Morosawa-directed video begins with Krush setting up his analog turntables and laptop in the quiet calm of midnight, measuring the acoustics of the space and preparing his equipment so that his set can be perfectly timed with daybreak.


Once everything is in place, the effect is pretty breathtaking. The natural, even pacing of Krush's compositional approach—along with his incorporation of organic samples—jibes beautifully with the atmosphere of an urban environment waking up to a new day. Check out the video above.