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Zeds Dead Put Heart Rate Monitors on Their Fans at Live Show

The science of the drop is real.
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A select few concert attendees replaced their usual Kandi bracelets with heart rate monitors at a recent Zeds Dead show in Austin, Texas. Inspired by a story of a woman who wore a Fitbit to measure her heart rate during sex, the Toronto bass gurus decided a similar experiment could help them to scientifically determine which parts of their songs excite fans the most.

As reported by Boing Boing, participating subjects were required to stay sober as their heart rates were recorded for the entire duration of the duo's set at Vulcan Gas Company. After the show, the data was compared to a recorded version of the live performance, proving that, yes, music truly can make your heart pump really fucking fast.


The data revealed six songs, four of them being Zeds Dead originals, in which all participants' heart rates collectively peaked:

Zeds Dead — Hadouken

Zeds Dead — Lost You

Zeds Dead — Adrenaline

Dodge and Fuski — Positive Vibe

Zeds Dead & Megalodon — Wit Me Dub

DJ SKT — Take Me Away ft. Rae (Andy C Remix)

The results also indicated that one rogue participant, who ignored the sobriety request, reached a heart rate level of 180 beats per minute — that's drum and bass fast.

The duo plans to conduct similar experiments at other shows in the coming months.

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