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Toronto's Sound Academy to Become "Mega Entertainment Complex"

Experience "new heights of hedonism."
December 11, 2015, 3:40pm
Courtesy of Norm Li

Toronto's Sound Academy, a venue seemingly stranded along the city's icy docks, will close its doors in January 2016 to make way for a "mega entertainment complex" headed by Charles Khabouth's INK Entertainment.

In a press statement released this week, INK unveiled plans for a 45,000 square foot space designed by Studio Munge that will expand on the existing site and connect to the neighbouring outdoor lounge, Cabana Pool Bar. The redesigned space will include two floors, an expansive 65-foot stage, LED video walls, and promises amazing views of the city skyline.

Alessandro Munge, head of the design studio, states, "The main objective of the remodel was not only to deliver a visually striking platform for guests and headliners, but to elevate their collective experience to new heights of hedonism."

With Toronto's clubbers still reeling from the loss of Guvernment, will INK's new venture actually be enough for people to drag themselves down to Polson Pier?

I suppose that comes down to how much "the world's most advanced LED lighting technology" factors into your ideal evening out.