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Justin James Gives Sian’s “Ascension” a Transatlantic Techno Rework

Octopus Recordings extends a tentacle to Windsor.
September 14, 2015, 3:45pm

Windsor, Ontario's techno torch-bearer Justin James has put his own spin on Sian's Anthracite LP with a remix of the Irish producer's track "Ascension."

James' appearance on the Anthracite Remixes EP, out on Octopus Recordings, shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given Sian's attention to the Canadian techno scene and its brethren. He was, of course, thrilled to be apart of the Octopus project, alongside the likes of Carlo Lio, Shaded, and Pig & Dan.


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"It's old school warehouse vibes meets future drum slivers," Sian tells THUMP of James' remix. It's a slightly more upbeat reimagining of the original, relying on small percussive tweaks like pronounced handclaps for full dancefloor accessibility.

"I was able to dive right in with the amazing parts and stems provided," says James. "I was able to pound out something that I hope not only compliments Sian's awesome work but reflects the unique sound that I have become known for and will continue to develop."

Despite launching his own label, Refused, James hasn't shied away from remix opportunities in 2015, working with fellow Windsor act Marc Houle, French producer Julian Jeweil, and Detroit royalty Dantiez Saunderson.

Sian's 'Anthracite Remixes' EP will be out on Octopus Recordings on September 21.

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