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It's Way Too Easy to Break Open This 5-Digit Combo Lock

The lock is the latest to be cracked open by this YouTube lock hacker.
May 21, 2016, 7:00pm

Locks that rely on five digit combinations may seem more secure than simpler models, but in a new video, YouTube user bosnianbill proves just how easily they can be busted open.

As part of his series on overcoming security devices, the lock hacker shows how to guess the hefty lock's code by simply applying pressure to it. As he turns the numbers, applying tension to both sides of the device, the shackle sticks on the correct numbers and reveals the code.

When all the right numbers line up, the lock essentially tells you that you have the right number and pops right open. Bosnianbill does say the lock is mildly more secure than a 4-digit combo, which he said he can hack fairly quickly. He added that he isn't suggesting never using the lock for things like gym lockers, but more expensive items like a bike or an outdoor shed, you might want to look into a something much more secure.