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Wiki Makes His Solo Comeback with "Icarus"

It's his first solo material since 2015's 'Lil Me.'

It's been close to two years since Ratking's frontman Wiki released Lil Me, his debut solo project. Today, the New York emcee has made an unexpected return with a new track and video titled "Icarus." The video shows Wiki walking through a wooded area where he ends up linking with friends taking back forties and cooking over fire. In the song he raps about being frustrated with how the world operates. It's a fitting reference to the song's title which is a nod to the Greek mythological character Icarus who, in an attempt to flee his home island of Crete, failed by flying too close to the sun with artificial wings his father Daedalus made for him. Watch the video below.


Photo: Screengrab of video via Youtube

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