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A Guy Allegedly Pretended to Be Nickelback's Drummer to Steal $25,000 of Drum Gear

It's hard out there when you're the drummer of a universally despised rock band.
Photo via Flickr user oxfamnovib

A guy in Florida has been accused of stealing the identity of Daniel Adair—drummer of the universally despised Canadian rock band, Nickelback—and ordering around $25,000-worth of drum equipment using his personal details, TCPalm reports.

Adair first found out that someone was pretending to be him when the band's security specialist flagged some expensive drum purchases that were apparently being shipped to Florida from a company in Vienna, Austria. Since Adair doesn't live in the Florida, he hit up the police, who traced the scam back to the house of a guy named Lee Howard Koenig.

Adair did some of his own research on Koenig and discovered that the guy was a drummer, too, who plays with a kit almost identical to Adair's. Apparently Adair also found that Koenig goes by the artist name of MR. WOOKY, which is a pretty great stage persona in its own right.

Koenig—or Mr. Wooky—is now facing two felony fraud charges for his Catch Me If You Can stunt. He's currently out on bail and probably back behind his drum kit.