This story is over 5 years old.

Vibbar and JME Bring Back Junior Senior in the Video for "Like Dat"

"Move your feet and feel united" etc etc etc.

Remember Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet"? For one brief summer the song was unavoidable, popping up everywhere from CBBC broadcasts and sporting montages to the backseat of whatever car happened to be cruising through your neighbourhood in the heat of August.

Today Vibbar bring the sound of that track back with "Like Dat", their collaboration with JME. Following up partnerships with Big Narstie and Scorcher, the track encapsulates the Swedish meaning of Vibbar which – to save you time plugging the thing into Google Translate – is "vibes". Look out for JME's bar about never being able to be rich because of the laws of tax, something we can all relate to regardless of wage bracket. As Poet says JME told him, "Me and the beat had the greatest conversation." Watch below.