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Musical Reflections and Refractions: Listen To Light Works from Brisbane producer Cedie Janson

Brisbane producer makes order out of chaos.

Cedie Janson is a restlessly creative producer from Brisbane. With a history in projects such as Naked Maja, his latest is simply released under his own name. A heavily percussive but lightly melodic piece, it's an hypnotic soundtrack to a summer daydream. It's no coincidence - Cedie explains below the music was always intended to inspire the imagination:

Cedie Janson: Light Curve came from the workings of scoring a short film - for that context, I had intended the song to be much more minimal, but as the hours of experimenting got away from me I found the work becoming more and more expansive.  For me there was something very visual about the way the synthesisers swell together, it was in creating those that I felt like something special was forming.  Generally during writing, the more visual I feel the music becoming  - the better it gets. I think that's why I was so inspired by the idea of working on film to begin with.  I also had a very conscious need to allow the unpredictable - all of my work had been so focused on flow but not the unpredictable elements which give the music it's life.

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