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One Direction Member Rips Off Tchami. Is #FutureHouse a Thing of the Past?

The rinsing of your favorite, new sound has officially begun.
October 17, 2014, 5:00pm

Tchami. Tchami Tchami Tchami. Everybody loves Tchami, and rightfully so. We've been bangin' on about him for a year. The #FutureHouse proponent has been the leading light in a sound that has been a breath of fresh air in house music over the past year. By bringing bright tones to deep vibes (sometimes the other way around) and slathering the whole thing in poppy, frequency-modulated synths, he's charged up festival lineups and amassed tens of millions of plays in a very short period of time.


His only competition in the sound has been hirsute teenage Dutchman Oliver Heldens. The two share some major similarities and it seems this has rankled with the priestly Frenchman. He dropped this tweet a couple weeks ago:

The thing is, Oliver Heldens is the least of Tchami's problems. The rinsing is coming. Prepare yourself. Enjoy this Future House thing while it lasts. DJs world-round are already jumping on the bandwagon and hosing down the nascent scene with mediocrity. This time next year, it will have been bastardized beyond recognition. When the lumbering corporate interests figure out this sound sells, there'll be Deep House Diapers™ and Future House Frosties™.

A good indicator of when a sound is raring to jump that shark is when clueless pop stars start flocking. Well, One Direction's Liam Payne, operating under the laddish moniker of Payno, has just remixed Geordie pop princess Cheryl Cole into a by-the-books Future House tune. Check it out.

The real headfuck here is that the tune is actually really quite good. What the fuck? This isn't supposed to be like this! We're strong enough to admit that kind of thing here at THUMP. This does not, however, detract from what is the cycle of consumption in a lot of modern music. You remember dubstep, right? Tchami is somewhere between Kode9 and Rusko. Around the corner is #FutureBro.

So no, Future House isn't over. It's still rad as shit. But enjoy it while it's fresh, because two years from now, we'll all wax nostalgic about this sound in 2014. So, how's that 2k15 Trip Hop revival looking?