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Wardrobe Essentials for the Underground Producer

A lack of paisley button-ups is the only thing between you and your own MIXED BY.

Aesthetic is everything in dance music. Deadmau5 without his mousehead on is just a guy named Joel. Disclosure without their top buttons done up are just two nerds digging up garage records on the local high street. Richie Hawtin without a black shirt is just a very pasty man with an interesting haircut and very small nipples. In fact, who needs talent and a musical background when you've got swag, a great ghost producer, and a marketing budget? There's only one thing holding you back from making the jump to fame: appropriate apparel. Follow these fashion tips or you'll be playing "My Sharona" remixes at bat mitzvahs until you're decrepit.



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A plain beanie or a backwards five panel will both work equally well. If you opt for the five panel, we suggest cheetah print, a floral pattern, or anything else that will stand out enough to make everyone loathe you. Alternatively, you could also spend any amount of money on a better haircut. Let's be realistic though, it's actually pretty hard to show off catchphrases on a cowlick.


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Step One: Buy any paisley patterned button-up.
Step Two: Make sure it's slim fit.
Step Three: Stop. This is the new you.

This is what you'll wear for shows, press photos, taco runs, and everything that's somehow not one of those three things. Filling your closet with baggy pocket tees and scoop necks for sweating in is highly recommended as well.


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A plain grey crewneck is absolutely essential. Nothing screams "upcoming artist" more than one of these. Visible logos are acceptable, but only if it's something badass like Supreme, BOY, or a name with all the vowels removed.


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Skinny jeans. Just make sure they aren't too skinny. You want to look refined, but not so much that you look like a Topshop model. Be sure to mix up the colors with black, grey, classic denim, and acid wash. If you feel so bold, go for something a little more extreme and get yourself a pair of harem jeans with ankle elastics.


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