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6 Unmissable Undercard Acts at TomorrowWorld

It's here! Here's our guide to make sure you don't miss out on the headliners of tomorrow (pun intended).

TomorrowWorld. It's time. Toothpaste? Check. Extra pair of underwear? (Might wanna make that two pairs) Check. Rageface? Double check. Airtight knowledge of the undercard? Don't worry, we got you. Here's 6 acts from the TW undercard that'll have you gone straight wonky.


Oliver's freshly released EP is an unquestionable win. "Light Years Away" in particular sounds like what we all wished Daft Punk still sounded like. The LA-based duo have been bubbling in the underground for a long while, writing songs for others, but they're on the verge of stepping triumphantly into their own. They're on Friday at the Mythical Frames stage.

My Nu Leng

Bad man tings. That's about all you need to know. They're all garage whomp and attitude and will have you in stankface mode before you know it. Peep their MIXED BY. Fun fact: "leng" is UK slang for "gun." Catch 'em at 9:00PM on Saturday at the Black Butter stage.


There's big room, and then there's Tujamo. He's got all the grandiosity of a main stage marauder, but his tunes have a creative flair not found elsewhere. His "Boneless" co-lab with Steve Aoki is still on perma-rinse at festivals world round, and his sets have a sense of adventure that'll keep you piqued from start to finished. He's on Friday at 3:00PM on the SYM stage.

David Heartbreak

OWSLA's feelsiest bass peddler brings a bit of hip hop to the ravey bassweight. His latest track "War of the Roses" is like The Weeknd gone swampy and we've been bumpin' it for months. He's on at 3:45 on Saturday at the OWSLA stage.

Bob Moses

If you need a breather and a chance to sit down and soak in some vibes in between all that raging, Bob Moses is the move. The Canuck duo have a monopoly on chill, deep-house-adjacent grooves and their live elements bring a spacey, dare-we-say desertous vibe to the shindig. They're on Saturday at 3:00PM on the All Gone Pete Tong stage.


The Anjunadeep-affiliated Beckwith is a self proclaimed "house music soldier" and his mixing maintains a strong grasp on all ends of the house spectrum. A two hour set starting at 3:00pm on Friday is a great way to get your weekend going.