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Will Sparks Was That Dude Next to the Speaker Absolutely Losing It

The Melbourne bounce master gives love to his hometown, takes off his pants, and reveals his biggest influences
May 28, 2014, 8:30pm

2014 has already been a big year for 21 year old Will Sparks and it's only getting bigger. Since he broke onto the Beatport charts in 2012 with "Ah Yeah," Sparks has developed into a central figure in the genre that has become known as Melbourne Bounce, and he's got a lot of pride for his hometown.

"Melbourne's a totally different vibe," he tells THUMP. "The style of clothes people wear is different and everyone is like family. I'll never forget the days I went out every weekend to watch the Melbourne heavyweights. I was that dude next to the speaker absolutely losing it."


As videos posted to Facebook will corroborate, Sparks is also prone to absolutely losing his pants while producing. "Anything works as long as you're comfortable!" he explains. "The reasoning was because my room is upstairs at home and my mum likes to limit the air con usage which is so annoying. It feels like 100 degrees in that box."

It's not all fun and games in Will's world, though. Get him talking about the seedy underbelly of EDM and he can't help but say something on the subject. "I'm not here for the bullshit, business or to play games." he tells us. "I'm here due to my passion for music. It baffles me how blinded the public are from the politics that go on underneath but I don't go to the full length of speaking my mind on social media because all it would do is create conflict and online chatter. I'd rather speak my mind in person than have things taken out of context."

Sparks lists fellow Melburnian act Orkestrated and California-based Deorro as major influences, but he places one guy at the center of the whole thing: "Joel Fletcher played a massive, if not the biggest part in the 'Bounce' wave. He was actually one of the first dudes that I ever saw DJ and I instantly became a huge fan. A lot of people try to copy styles, but Joel wins every time with his totally different and insane boppiness."

Although he may have eclipsed his hero's popularity around the World, it hasn't gone to Will's head. "I never ever thought I could take it this far," he admits. "It's just one step at a time and your passion keeps you going. I have so many more goals to achieve and I hope to be still hanging about and still being able to do what I love down the line. If making music will keep me there, then I'm happy."

Will's new single, "When The Lights Go Out," is available now. His next record, a collab with Uberjak'd, is expected to drop June 16.

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