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Iran thanks Trump, Obama goes kitesurfing, Jack Nicholson returns, and more.
February 8, 2017, 9:14am

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The Hardest Brexit
Theresa May has successfully fought off calls to give MPs the power to send her back to the negotiation table if they don't like the terms of her Brexit deal. – Guardian

Better Care
The £5.3 billion Better Care Fund is not actually easing pressure on NHS hospitals or saving money as was intended, says the National Audit Office. – BBC

Shell Company
Environmentalists are complaining after Shell launched a bid to leave ten vast concrete legs for three North Sea oil rigs for up to 500 years after the platforms have been decommissioned. – Independent

Scrambled Jets
RAF fighter jets were scrambled to divert a Pakistan International Airline plane to Stansted Airport following reports of a disruptive passenger. Eight heavily-armed police escorted a man from the plane after it had landed. – BBC


Queen Quotes King
US Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a speech about Trump's Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions. Warren was reading a statement about Sessions by Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr, regarding Sessions' alleged history of intimidating black voters. – Washington Post

Iran (So Far Away)
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said he is grateful to US President Donald Trump for showing "the true face of the US". He thanked Trump for doing the job that Iran had been "trying to do in the past decade". – CNN

Peace Talks in the Philippines
Peace talks are underway between the Philippine Government and communist rebels to end nearly five decades of conflict. This despite President Rodrigo Duterte ordering an "all-out war". – ABC

China's History Lesson
China says the United States needs to "brush up" on its history, following comments from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson regarding the artificial islands constructed in the South China Sea. – Reuters


The Craft of Minecraft
A new video looks back at all the crazy stuff that Minecraft users have made in the game's "creative mode" over the years. – AV Club

Data Recovery
The US Department of Agriculture has inexplicably removed thousands of animal welfare records from its website. A government transparency blog is on a mission to recover and republish all of the data as soon as possible. – Motherboard

Soul Food
A diner in Brooklyn is pushing back against anti-immigrant sentiment by reminding patrons that the food they are eating has been cooked and served by immigrants. - Munchies

Jack is Back
Jack Nicholson is coming out of retirement to star in the English-language remake of the Oscar-nominated Toni Erdmann. Nicholson will play the practical joke-loving father of Kirsten Wiig's workaholic executive. – Variety

Your Ex Has Moved On
Barack Obama is making the most of his time off, and has been photographed and filmed in the Virgin Islands alongside billionaire Richard Branson, learning how to kite surf. – CNN