Escape To a Candy Floss Mountain Top With Hannah Diamond’s Wintry Banger “Make Believe”

Pull on your pink puffa jacket and get in the mood for a very PC Music Christmas.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
December 23, 2016, 11:48am

Christmas and pop music go hand in hand, and doesn't Hannah Diamond know it. The princess of PC Music has served us up an icy banger called "Make Believe" that sits somewhere between East 17's classic "Stay Another Day" and Basshunter doing a Christmas song, and for those reasons, it is pure pop perfection. Featuring Hannah's signature soprano going at full pelt, and the kitschy Euro-influenced production that we have come to know and love from PC Music, "Make Believe" is now your go-to track to start a mass kitchen fist-pump, should you happen to be handed the aux cord at a Christmas party. It also comes with a visual that sees a hyperreal Hannah wearing the pink puffa jacket that I thought only existed in my wildest dreams. This whole thing will lift you onto a candy floss covered mountain top and away from the mundanity of turkey sandwiches and limp Christmas cracker hats this festive season. Watch "Make Believe" below:

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