Copenhagen's Saddest Christmas Decorations


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Copenhagen's Saddest Christmas Decorations

Nothing says Christmas like a silver fringe in an office plant and a straw goat in a tanning salon.

Christmas spirit hanging from the shop window of a hairdresser

This article originally appeared on VICE Denmark

Most people tend to think that the Christmas spirit is easy to recreate; Hang up some white fluff, silver fringes or anything with the right shade of green and/or red, and you're basically set – right?

Wrong. Last December, Danish photographer Sarah Buhtmann noticed that many Christmas decorations in Copenhagen were well-meaning, but ended up looking rather sad. She walked around the city capturing the winners of half-assed holiday decorations. Here's what she came back with.


A pair of rubber legs and a Christmas tree shaped like a butt plug

Christmas decorations on a bus stop in Emdrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen

A Christmas wreath on the entrance of a brothel

Christmas spirit in a sex shop

Outside Copenhagen's Church of the Holy Ghost

Inside a sex shop on Istedgade, the closest thing Copenhagen has to a Red Light District

A straw Christmas goat in a tanning salon

A Christmas corset in a video store

A shop window on the high street, Strøget

A realtor's office in the suburb Vanløse

Santa on a scooter

A naked Christmas gnome behind bars

In the municipal government office on the island of Amager in South Copenhagen

Christmas candles and grilled chickens

A skeleton outside of a massage parlour

Santa spreading his legs for customers at the entrance of a Polish shop