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Let This Video of Michael Stipe Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Patti Smith Warm Your Cold, Black Heart

The REM frontman joined Patti onstage in Chicago with cake and confetti and it’s adorable.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Patti Smith turned seventy years old yesterday, and for any sensible person's money she remains the greatest rockstar in the entire world. A milestone like that is an important one to mark, and that's exactly what Patti's longtime pal, REM frontman Michael Stipe, did during the Chicago show she played on her birthday.  Joining her onstage at the city's Riviera Theatre, where she was playing her era-defining album  Horses, Stipe brought cake, confetti and a single damn tear to everyone's eye, as the whole crowd joined in to sing "Happy Birthday" to the coolest woman on the planet.  Watch below, and be reminded that some good still exists:


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