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F L A C O's ‘Sleepinginjeans’ Is About Being a Boy From Nowhere

The Indianapolis rapper debuts his new project just in time for the new year.

If you were to try and put your finger on who or what F L A C O sounds like, you'd end up a little bit lost. The rapper describes himself as a "boy from nowhere"—not bound by the geography of hip-hop that carves up America like a puzzle board—and his music is eclectic enough to make that statement more than just an edgy declaration. After a year of steady music and accompanying visuals, F L A C O is dropping his latest LP—Sleepinginjeans—an album that he says is an homage to his identity, or lack thereof.


"Most artists, when they start to create music, derive a lot of their inspiration from the culture of their environment or region," he told Noisey. "I, on the other hand, had very little sense of belonging to my surroundings. My tastes, my aesthetic and my convictions never felt embraced by my city. I had no identity. My lack of musical identity forced me to look intrinsically and create my own style. Sleepinginjeans is a showcase of my individuality and my search for identity in music."

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