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Unknown Visitors Are Reportedly Masturbating and Shitting on the Floor of a Church in Sweden

One person even attempted to snatch a baby from the mother during a christening, SVT reports.

Pissing statues. Photo by flickr user bradleyolin.

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Church-goers in Kristianstad, Sweden are reportedly being disturbed by visitors who masturbate during service and piss and poop on the floor. One person even attempted to snatch a baby from the mother during a christening, SVT reports.

Heliga Trefaldighets Kyrka [the Church of the Holy Trinity] has become the centre of so many weird events recently that management has now decided to take in security guards. "One guy lay down and pulled his penis out. Even though a female police officer told him to stop it, he didn't," Bengt Alvland who works at the church, told local newspaper Kristianstadsbladet.


Staff at the church have also been forced to lock the church organs as intruders are allegedly attempting to play them. But when the unwanted guests can't play, they climb the organs and try to steal the church's silver, according to Alvland. "These people don't seem to have any sense of boundaries. Due to all of this, the staff feel very worried," Alvland said.

According to SVT and Kristianstadbladet, the intruders are a bunch of people who sleep rough, and who are unknown to the church's staff. According to Alvland, rough sleepers have turned to the church to keep warm because there are now more security guards at Kristianstad's central station. "The church has become the weakest link," he said.

It's unclear why people who want to keep warm as winter approaches feel that pooping on the floor is a good idea. But apparently, not everyone does the good ol' number two indoors. SVT reports that pissing and pooping occurs outside of the church, too.

*Stay tuned for updates as we will be sending a VICE reporter to Kristianstad to find out more.

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