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The Molson Amphitheatre Is Now the Budweiser Stage, Torontonians Will Still Call It Molson

Do YOU call the Skydome the Rogers Centre? Thought not.

In Toronto #brand news today, the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre has been renamed to the Budweiser Stage, going from a good ol' homegrown brewery to another, American beer company. According to CP24, the Molson Amphi- sorry, Budweiser Stage, has now gone the way of other Torontonian landmarks like the Skydome Rogers Centre, falling prey to capitalist rebranding in favour of being easily remembered by people who want to use these venues.


Just imagine this conversation:
"Hey, [agreeable band] is playing in a few months, you down?"
"Yeah, I love [agreeable band]! Where are they playing?"
"Budweiser Stage."
"It's what they call Molson now."
"Oh… why though? That makes it sound like the Steamwhistle Tour. That doesn't sound like a place where I'd see [agreeable band]."

It's the latest in a line of frankly bizarre name-changes in Toronto music, with the former Sound Academy becoming the confusingly named REBEL this past August. It's the only time something has become less convenient to refer to after its name has been shortened. The Molson–fuuuuuuuuuuck–Budweiser Stage reached its new name with no prior announcement, which made a lot of folks unhappy. Despite the name changes, the Mol-GODDAMMIT-Budweiser Stage will still likely be a place where you end up on the lawn seats in May–when Toronto's spring hasn't turned into summer yet–and your ass feels the damp, cold ground as [agreeable band] serenades us all with their agreeability.

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