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Celebrate Twin Peaks’ Return with a David Lynch Tribute Art Show

When 80+ artists from around the world descend on SPOKE NYC, you know things are going to get weird.
Matthew Skiff. Images courtesy of SPOKE NYC

With a new season of Twin Peaks just around the corner, the SPOKE Art Gallery is throwing an art tribute show dedicated to legendary director David Lynch. In Dreams will feature over 80 participating artists from around the world, each exploring Lynch's impact as a storyteller through a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, and fine art prints. Each artist was allowed to choose which subject of Lynch's work they wanted to focus on, and the results, from unique character portraits to detailed environments and abstracted movie posters, dig deep into the emotions embedded in Lynch's work and the stylistic choices he made to convey them.



In addition to the art show, SPOKE NYC partnered with Tribeca's Roxy Cinema for their special month-long Lynch takeover. They'll play host to events like May 1st's midnight screening of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The exhibition will also include commemorative Twin Peaks postcards, stickers, and a custom-made photo booth of the famous Black Lodge Room.

Check out some works featured in the show below:

Allison Reimold

Caroline Caldwell

Vanessa Foley

Matt Chase

George Townley

Harry Michalakeas

Justin Hager

Nick Stokes

Vic De Leon

Guillaume Morellec

Sarah Joncas

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