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Watch an Old Nokia Phone Heroically Take a Flaming Axe to the Face

Putting it through the ringer.

Bless the Nokia 3310. These mobile phones from the early 2000s had batteries that lasted for days, through the most intense games of Snake II and T9 texting sessions, while also doubling as blunt weapons or doorstops.

If you're familiar with Nokia's tiny handheld tanks—and for those without firsthand experience of it, the phone's a meme now—you can probably already guess the outcome of Glowing 1000 Degree Axe versus Nokia 3310. The HaerteTest YouTube channel is home to a German hobbyist who loves to take hot, sharp objects to electronics and record the results. Here, he heats a metal axe blade with torches and then press it into the innocent face of a Nokia 3310.


A few cross-hatches in, the phone still looks pretty much like a phone. The axe puts a melty dent into the screen and keypad, but with one hack at the back, the handle breaks apart, leaving the phone mostly intact. Yes, that's right—the Nokia 3310 is tough enough to break a red-hot metal axe.

Previously on HaerteTest, a burning hot coal melted a hole into the face of a Nokia 3310 and the phone still turned on, as if imbued with some kind of unholy retro-electronic power.

This metal-versus-phone showdown is best viewed with someone shredding out the iconic Nokia ringtone on another kind of axe in the background:

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