Photos From The Rebel's Anti Anti-Islamophobia Rally

Photos From The Rebel's Anti Anti-Islamophobia Rally

Breitbart North held a rally against a bill to classify Islamophobia as discrimination, and we were there.
February 16, 2017, 5:19pm

Last night, hundreds of Canadians turned up for an event thrown by The Rebel (aka. Breitbart North) at the Canada Christian College in Toronto, in what was described as a protest against anti-Islamaphobia bill M103. Reporters from VICE and VICE News were there - you can read about the event here. You can find a full photo gallery of the tense rally below.

A member of the crowd holds her hand up during the national anthem.

Candidate for the Conservative Party leadership race, Kellie Leitch, delivers a speech during The Rebels's rally against Billy M103.

A man who had been filming since the beginning of the event. I see you, too!

A member of the crowd waves a large Canadian flag as the crowd erupts into cheers.

A man wearing The Rebel's signature Make Canada Great Again hat.

Him too.

A member of the crowd holds up a sign that seems to equate Mel Gibson in Braveheart with the fight against Bill M103.

After Faith Goldy's closing remarks, the crowd gave a standing ovation. One man, pictured here, threw up what appears to be a three-fingered salute. 

Another member of the Conservative Party leadership race, Chris Alexander, addresses the audience about the "threat" of M103.

The Rebel's Faith Goldy brings around a donation bucket after Ezra Levant tells the audience that The Rebel does not have the funding of "big media," such as the CBC, and needs the money to pay for security.

A man hands two $20 bills to Faith Goldy.

Faith Goldy addresses the audience.

Conservative Leadership candidate and Saskatoon MP Brad Trost gives the final speech of the night before closing remarks.