The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

Tony Blair returns, Donald Trump blusters, Robert De Niro disappoints, and much more.
February 17, 2017, 8:43am

(Photo: Marc Müller / MSC)


The Blair Switch Project
Tony Blair has told people they should "rise up" against Brexit. The former Prime Minister has said that the rush toward leaving the EU is a "rush over the cliff's edge", and that the British people have a right to change their mind. – Independent

Police Still Racist
Black and mixed-race people in London are more likely to be tasered by police, according to new figures. They are on the receiving end of tasering 40 percent of the time, despite making up less than one-in-six of the city's population. – Guardian


Lone Drivers
Aslef members have rejected a deal with Southern rail that would have ended a long-running industrial dispute. The body has been arguing with parent firm Govia Thameslink Railway over driver-only operated trams, without guards or on-board supervisors. – BBC

The New Euro Border
The Irish government has begun identifying locations along the border with Northern Ireland for full customs checkpoints. With the UK leaving the European Union, the Irish border will soon become a European border, with travel likely to be greatly restricted. – Irish Examiner


Maybe Not So Much with the Talking
Donald Trump has given an extraordinary press conference this week, calling stories of his campaign's collusion with Russia "fake news", complaining about inheriting "a mess" and lying again about the size of his electoral win. – CNN

Two States of Mind
France's foreign minister has called the USA's position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "confused and worrying". Jean-Marc Ayrault's comments come after Donald Trump's statement that "I am looking at two-state, and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like." – Reuters

Shrine Attack
An attack claimed by ISIS has killed 70 people and wounded 150 at a Sufi shrine in Pakistan. A suicide bomber entered the shrine and detonated the explosive, which ripped through the crowd of worshippers. – SBS

Samsung Brand Heir Con
Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong has been arrested in South Korea on charges of bribery. The case is linked to the scandal that brought down President Park Geung-hye, with Lee accused of giving donations to a charity in exchange for favours from Park. – BBC


Undocumented Crackdown
The US crackdown on undocumented immigrants is having a devastating effect on domestic violence victims. Officials entered a Texas courthouse and arrested an undocumented transgender woman after she'd received a protective order alleging she was the victim of domestic violence. – Broadly

Inoculate Against Ignorance
The anti-vaccination movement has been given further oxygen, with Robert De Niro and Robert Kennedy Jr offering the scientific community $100,000 to prove that the thimerosal vaccination is "safe". Kennedy has said he is unconvinced by the studies that have debunked any link between vaccines and neurological disorders in children. – AV Club

Korea Calling
If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to make a phone call in North Korea, an American academic based in Pyongyang has recreated the experience with an online interactive simulator. – Motherboard

The Other Andromeda
How familiar are you with the Andromeda galaxy? No, not that one. The other Andromeda galaxy. Using the Hubble telescope, astronomers are able to peer through the cosmos to see that the extraordinary galaxy that takes up so much of our sky is actually two. – Bad Astronomer