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A Four-Year-Old Girl Got Wasted at a Detroit Restaurant

The incident took place after a Detroit mother ordered a strawberry daiquiri for herself, and a virgin one for her daughter.
October 1, 2015, 2:00pm
Photo via Flickr user Keven Menard Photography

A four-year-old girl ended up in the hospital after being served booze in a Detroit restaurant.

The incident took place at Armando's Restaurant in the Southfield suburb of Detroit after a woman named Teria Smith ordered a strawberry daiquiri for herself, and a virgin one for her daughter.

When the order arrived at their table, the indistinguishable drinks got mixed up, and it wasn't long before the youngster "started acting funny," according to a report by local news outlet WDIV.

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It was the girl's older sister, aged 16, who alerted her mother to the presence of alcohol. "She was like, 'That's too strong, there's too much alcohol.'" Teria Smith told WDIV News, adding, "I'd never seen a drunk kid before."

Teria ended up filming her intoxicated daughter dancing and joking around at Armando's, and the restaurant offered to call an ambulance, which Smith allegedly refused. She eventually brought the four-year-old to the hospital, where she was cleared after giving a urine sample a few hours later. Smith ended up filing a police report, but also admitted that the food at Armando's was "awesome."


"I believe that this restaurant needs to be investigated," Smith told WDIV. "I feel like any child's drink should come in a kid's cup and I feel like parents should check the cups from now on."

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The restaurant claims that the mix-up was an honest mistake, due in part to an inexperienced server. "Although it was an isolated incident, Armando's will take immediate action to ensure our staff receives retraining in alcohol service through the Servsafe alcohol program," the restaurant's general manager said in a statement to WDIV.

While this case is a little shocking, it's hardly the first time that a child is unwittingly administered hard liquor. Just weeks ago, the mother of an infant in Wisconsin accidentally mixed two ounces of vodka into her baby's formula after her husband left the booze in a water bottle. He ended up in jail and the child ended up in the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.294, almost four times the legal limit for adults.

And it's not just parents who are causing childhood boozing, kids are even self-administering "squirts" of strawberry-flavoured hand sanitizer and getting very drunk and making booze with breakfast cereal. You know what they say: kids these days…