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Chef's Night Out: Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin of Ovenly

Agatha and Erin of Greenpoint bakery Ovenly take us on an afternoon drink and snack spree around Brooklyn, hitting their favorite spots for nachos, donuts, and booze.

Bakers tend to work very different hours than you and me—they often start while some of us are still at the bar. So when we approached the ladies of Greenpoint bakery


to do an episode of

Chef's Night Out

, they let us know that it would probably be more appropriate to call this episode "

Chef's Afternoon Out

." But that's not to suggest that it didn't include shots, tropical drinks, and tons of tasty cuisine.


Things get started around 2:30 PM as Agatha and Erin end their shift at Ovenly and walk down the street to fellow Greenpoint eatery Alameda. Although Alameda isn't open yet, owner-chef Nic Padilla makes a special exception and serves up a feast of country pâté, oysters, and cheese fries. Running a bit ahead of schedule, the ladies decide to make an impromptu stop at the North Brooklyn institution Peter Pan Donuts for coffee and treats.

Then it's off to The Commodore, where we were very excited to finally shoot since the head chef is such a big fan of the show. There, Agatha and Erin are met by their fellow baking industry friends to discuss the finer points of production baking over nachos and frozen drinks. The group then heads to their last stop, Allswell. Things start off by downing some shots of calvados, followed by small plates of anchovy fritters, radish salad, and the like. Finally, it's back to Ovenly to wrap up the day by popping some champagne and enjoy some of the sour beer cake the ladies made earlier in the day.

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