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A New Short Film By Neon Indian Tells A Tale Of Internet Conditioning

Teaming up with frequent visual collaborator Johnny Woods for a project called Outer Osmo Ghost Mode.

As you can see in his video for “Polish Girl” above, Neon Indian‘s music videos tend toward a similar vibe as his synth-drenched, 80s-inspired music. The visual counterpart to that sound involves neon colors, charmingly low-grade graphics, and machinery that was considered futuristic about 30 years ago. The frequent visualist for Neon Indian’s live shows, Johnny Woods style is the perfect fit for this type of visual aesthetic, and he’s teaming up with the band’s central member Alan Palomo for a new short film, in collaboration with Gleam House and MoCA. See the preview for Outer Osmo Ghost Mode below.

The film centers around a couple whose “behaviors and interests were conditioned by years of web browsing,” leading them to create virtual avatars in “a proto-virtual internet exploration program” that seems like some sort of bizarro Second Life. While the makers haven’t divulged much more than that premise, it seems from the preview that it will play on a detachment from reality arising from an abundance of virtual engagements drowning out real-life ones, or as it’s known to laymen, “TOO MUCH INTERNET.”

Judging from their past short film collab work like Step Into The World With Your PAL198X, we’re expecting great use of the lo-fi aesthetic, disturbing undertones, and some grade A disorientation. Below, find out how Alan Palomo first became enamored with the sweet sounds of classic synths in our profile on Neon Indian.