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Build Your Own iPhone Speaker Amplifier Horn [Instructables How-To]

Now everyone can hear your horrible taste in music on the train!
October 9, 2012, 11:24pm

Do me a favor, would you? Listen to this song I love. Here, I’ll play it off my iPhone (I know it’s douchy to call my phone by its brand name, like if I had a Mercedes and called it that instead of “car”). Wait, you can’t hear it? Hang on, let me turn it up [blip blip blip blip], all the way up. You still can’t hear it? Ugh. I guess you’ll have to go without the joy of “Woolly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, at least until you get yourself to a computer.


We could have avoided this whole situation, you know? We don’t have to take an iPhone for what it is—the low-talker of smart devices. There’s now a way of amplifying your phone using a device that’s not only cheap and easy to make, but the thing will fit in your wallet. Not many speakers in existence can boast that, now can they?

Now, I’m going to listen to “Woolly Bully” a couple more times while you sort this out. Lemme know when you’re done. Get ready to build your Whirlwind iPhone Horn Speaker And Stand Origami Device! Origami! Whirlwind! (seriously, calling this thing “The Whirlwind” is evidence of serious delusions of grandeur.)

[If you actually want to do this right, check out the original Instructable. But if you’re reckless like me, read on.]

Firstly, print this out. This is basically your Whirlwind Speaker-gami Horn right here, or at least the blueprints for the horn, the stand, and the base, which will come together to turn your phone virtually into a home entertainment center. See all those lines? All those little griddy lines all over the thing? Well I hope you like them, because you’re going to fold and crease every damn line on this thing.

If you did it correctly, which you should have despite my failure to properly guide you because I’m so wrapped up in the fourth go around of “Woolly Bully,” your horn should look like this.

And you should be able to collapse it so it looks like this: somewhere between a paper fortune teller and a piece of litter.


The base and the stand are pretty self-explanatory, and I really hope I don’t have to explain how they work. If I do, then you’re probably some kind of L-seven, and I shouldn’t even bother trying to hook you up with this sweet homemade device.

So you are pretty much ready to go! Nice work. Now you just need to know how to pack this thing up so you can fit it into your wallet. Check this out: just cram it all into some semblance of a square until it looks nothing like a paper fortune teller and only like a piece of litter and… voila! Paper Horn Speaker Origami iPhone Stand Speaker.

Now re-unfold it and let’s bump this sweet jam.

You’re welcome!

[via Instructables]