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Use Your Mobile Phone To Make Digital Graffiti

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai make digital tools more “street.”
January 18, 2012, 10:10pm

Nothing would liven up a mid-day lunchtime stroll quite like stumbling across an interactive graffiti installation, and if you happen to be taking your lunch break in Shanghai, that may not be such an unlikely scenario. Creative agency W+K Shanghai designed an interactive wall called Micrograffiti (currently installed on Chang Lu Road) that uses Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) as its virtual “spray can.”


Passersby can color and create patterns on the wall by sending a photo message with the code of a corresponding box, or pixel, on the screen. The color of your photograph will then be reflected in the box and blink every few minutes. Not only does the concept of readily accessible digital graffiti get us excited (no mess, non-toxic, reaches higher places à la James Powderly’s LASER Tag project), but we also love that there’s no app to download and no threat of legal trouble (at least, not as of yet… it is China after all).

Hey, W+K—we’ll take one in Brooklyn please, preferably on the way to one of our favorite watering holes.