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The White Lies Channel E.T. In New Music Video

Creators Jonas & Francois direct the video.
November 18, 2010, 7:12pm

The London-based trio White Lies released their first single “Bigger Than Us” today off their sophomore album Ritual (out on January 18th) with a video directed by creators Jonas & Francois. The video plays like an alternate final sequence to the ‘80s cult classic E.T., immediately taking us to a suburban home swathed in hospital-esque plastic, surrounded by cops, medics, neighbors and a palpable sense of urgency. An unconscious little girl (the E.T.-type character) is unearthed from a coffin-like candy bar (wrapped in a signature Jonas & Francois typeface) and carried out of the room, while her friend (Elliot) trapped in medical monitors tortuously looks on. As we’re taken outside, look out for “cameo” appearances of Elliot look-alikes toting bicycles and wearing the trademark hoodie in the crowd of onlookers. The friends eventually reunite in the end, but in this case, we’re not exactly sure where home is or how they’ll get there.