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"Sorry I Haven't Posted" - Cory Arcangel's New Project

A collection of “Inspiring Apologies From Today’s World Wide Web.”
September 27, 2010, 1:51pm

New media artist Cory Arcangel has always had an excellent sense of humor. The artist’s early works created with re-programmed Nintendo game cartridges feature such tongue-in-cheek classics as Super Mario Clouds, a Super Mario game where Arcangel has removed all the graphics with the exception of the clouds, and I Shot Andy Warhol, in which Arcangel hacked the 1980s shooter game Hogan’s Alley to replace targets with pop-culture figures like Flava-Flav, Colonel Sanders and Andy Warhol.

His most recent project, Sorry I Haven’t Posted, reads like a high-brow version of Texts From Last Night or the FML Blog. According to Arcangel, the blog is “a blog which re-posts posts of people apologizing for not posting to the internet…aka ‘Inspiring Apologies From Today's World Wide Web’.” It’s an interesting display of our culture’s self-perpetuating need to share and the peer pressure associated with keeping up appearances on social networks. Plus, some of these posts are straight up hilarious.