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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Ousted O'Reilly calls sexual harassment claims "completely unfounded," Team Trump condemns Iran for "provocations," Israeli military says Assad still has chemical weapons, and more.

US News

O'Reilly Calls Sexual Harassment Claims 'Completely Unfounded'
The former FOX News host Bill O'Reilly has blamed "completely unfounded claims" for his exit from the channel. 21st Century Fox, which has a small stake in VICE Media, announced Wednesday the anchor would be leaving the company after 20 years hosting The O'Reilly Factor. The dismissal follows a report that O'Reilly and FOX paid five women a total of $13 million after they accused the former host of sexual harassment. —The Hill

Secretary of State Condemns Iran for 'Provocations'
Calling out Iran for "alarming ongoing provocations" in the Middle East, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Wednesday said a previously announced review of US policy toward Iran will look at the country's influence on neighboring conflicts, as well as the 2015 nuclear agreement. He said the review will "address all of the threats posed by Iran and it is clear there are many."—Reuters


DREAMer Case Assigned to Judge Once Attacked by Trump

Judge Gonzalo Curiel, whom Donald Trump once infamously berated over his "Mexican heritage," will rule on the case of Juan Manuel Montes, 23, who claims he was deported despite the fact that he was in the US legally.—

NBC News

CIA and FBI Hunting for Hacking Tool Leaker

Both the CIA and FBI are searching for the individual responsible for leaking CIA documents detailing government hacking tools to WikiLeaks. According to officials familiar with the process, investigators are examining "hundreds" of CIA employees and contractors who had access to the documents.—CBS News

International News

Pakistan Supreme Court Orders Investigation of Prime Minister
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will remain in office after a Supreme Court ruling on alleged corruption but faces a fresh probe into his business affairs. Sharif has been under a cloud of suspicion since three of his children were named in the so-called Panama Papers—offshore financial dealings leaked in 2015.—BBC News

Three Killed in Venezuela Protests
A public prosecutor will investigate the deaths of two students at protests against President Nicolás Maduro Wednesday: one in Caracas, another in San Cristobal, both of whom were reportedly shot by gunmen on motorcycles. Additionally, a national guard sergeant was fatally shot by a sniper during protests.—Al Jazeera

Israeli Military Says Assad Still Has Chemical Weapons
A senior Israeli military official says President Bashar al Assad's regime in Syria still has significant stashes of chemical weapons. Although Syria denies using such weapons in Idlib Province two weeks ago, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Wednesday that sarin or a similar nerve agent was used.—Reuters


Australia Mulls Tougher Citizenship Test
Australia is considering an overhaul of its citizenship process, with applicants potentially facing stricter English language skills tests, a demonstration of commitment to "Australian values," and proof of four years of residence versus the current requirement of just one.—ABC News

Everything Else

Miami Street Will Be Renamed in Honor of 'Moonlight'
A street in Liberty City in Miami, Florida, will be renamed in honor of the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight. "Moonlight Way" will denote a stretch of NW 22nd Avenue near the spot at which the movie was partly filmed and director Barry Jenkins grew up.—The Hollywood Reporter

Lana Del Ray Releases Collab with the Weeknd
Lana Del Ray has dropped the title track from her album Lust for Life, a much-anticipated collaboration with the Weeknd. She premiered the lush title track Wednesday on Mistajam's BBC Radio 1 show.—Noisey

Dave Chappelle Specials the Most Viewed Ever on Netflix
The two hour-long stand-up specials that Dave Chappelle released on Netflix are its most watched comedy specials ever, according to a letter the company sent to shareholders. In line with company policy, Netflix did not provide viewer numbers.—VICE

Almost One-Third of Teenage Girls Have Been Sexually Assaulted, Study Finds
According to a new report by the National Women's Law Center, almost one in three teenage girls have experienced sexual assault or violence. In a classroom of 20, six girls "would have been touched, kissed, groped, or forced to endure a sexual act against their will," said NWLC director of education Neena Chaudhry.—Broadly