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JSTJR, UNIIQU3, and Ma-LESS Share Infectious New Clip for Their 'Never Squad Down' EP

"The video is all about girl power. I felt like a Spice Girl."

Recent Insomniac Records signee JSTJR, Jersey club queen UNIIQU3, and Orlando native ma-LESS today shared a music video for the three tracks on their Never Squad Down EP. JSTJR produced the release—incorporating a heavy baile funk influence as he's known to do—and it features an infectious vocal from each of the other two artists. Meanwhile, the clip was filmed in Los Angeles, and shows UNIIQU3 and ma-LESS linking up with women from the pluggedin.LA and Late Night Laggers crews to throw a rooftop party. It's an impassioned ode to both the power of empathetic connection as well as staying out way too late.


JSTJR explained the origins of the EP's title to THUMP over email. "When I first came out to LA I became close with the Late Night Laggers crew pretty quickly and would always go out with them," he said. "'Never Squad Down!' started as something they'd say to keep everyone from heading home early (aka 'squadding down'), but over time the meaning kind of transformed. 'Squad' became less about our small group of friends and more a universal expression for being good to one another, being present, caring for others and helping out your fellow humans."

UNIIQU3 chimed in over email as well. "This EP is dope because it happened so organically," she said. "As for the video, I'm excited to be a part of something like this. It's just all about girl power and all the girls are so diverse and talented in their own way. I felt like a Spice Girl. When it comes to the EDM scene, I feel like this video is needed."

"To work with such driven women who embrace all the amazing aspects of womanhood—from our independence and our drive, to our sexuality—and just owning all that makes us amazing and special," added ma-LESS. "I feel it really ignited this inner flame within us all to have fun and live life to the fullest. It really it shows in these videos and EP."

JSTJR's Never Squad Down featuring vocals from UNIIQU3 and ma-LESS is out now. He will perform at the Heineken House during Coachella on both Sundays of the festival. You can grab the EP here.

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