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Countdown to Zero, Next Steps

We're closer now more than ever, but there's still more to do.

Two years ago, on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2015 , VICE released 'Countdown to Zero' a VICE HBO Special Report, hosted by VICE founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi. As the title suggests, the special investigates how close we are to the first AIDS-free generation. The documentary features key players such as Timothy Brown the first patient to be 'cured' of HIV, Dr. Larry Corey, Bono the co-founder of (RED) and former President George W. Bush.


Smith and President Bush discuss the founding of The United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) during the Bush administration and US Government's contribution to the Global Fund, an international financing organization that aims to attract and disburse additional resources to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

To see what this funding can achieve, Bono and Alvi visit a Rwandan hospital that has benefitted from dollars (RED) raised for the Global Fund. To date, (RED) has raised $465 million dollars, impacting a total of 90 million people.

The documentary ends with the reminder that progress continues to be made in the fight to eradicate AIDS. Mother to child transmission has significantly declined, scientists are getting closer to developing a vaccine, and even finding a cure; demonstrating that an AIDS-free generation is not only possible but within sight. However, the only way to accomplish this goal is to keep visibility on the issue and continue to support the researchers, doctors, patients, policymakers, activists and organizations who are committed to ending this pandemic.

Echoing Smith's closing sentiment at the end of the special, "We can't take our foot off the gas, every time we ease up on this fight, the virus comes back"; (RED) and VICE have committed to continue their long-standing creative and media partnership to help raise awareness and drive action to the AIDS fight. Together VICE Impact and (RED) will educate our audience and raise funds for The Global Fund with the goal of making an AIDS-free generation a reality.

Go to (RED) to get involved in the AIDS fight now.