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This Short Doc Highlights the Effects of Gentrification on a City’s Music Scene

CBC film ‘Where’d the Night Go?’ investigates how artists, promoters, and venue owners survive in the face of rising rents

Following the shuttering of multiple Toronto music venues in early 2017, including The Hoxton, The Silver DollarSoybomb, and others, CBC has shared a new short documentary looking at the various factors behind these closures, and how the Ontario capital's DIY communities are responding to rising rents.

Entitled Where'd the Night Go?, the 13-minute film directed by Frederic Lacelle and Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis looks at the challenges artists, DJs, promoters, and venue owners face putting on shows and living in one of Canada's most expensive cities. The doc includes interviews with electronic acts Eytan Tobin, LAL, and 247esp, April Aliermo of indie rock group Hooded Fang, and Soybomb co-founder Jason Wydra.

Watch Where'd the Night Go? below, and read our 2016 feature about how real estate trends and zoning bylaws are affecting nightlife across the country.

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