Blood Orange's Boiler Room Set Will Make You Feel Like You're Floating

Dev Hynes' 40-minute, ethereal Boiler Room Weekender mix is finally up. Watch, and be cleansed.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 17, 2017, 11:55am

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Back in November 2016, Dev Hynes played a set for Pennsylvania's Boiler Room Weekender and official video footage of the full concert is now online to save your dreary January. If you would like to feel the aural equivalent of floating on air, I would highly recommend taking a look. Dev's 40-minute set spans much of the Blood Orange catalog, with his brand of angelic-chamber-music-meets-seedy-LA-dive-bar-soundtrack (complete with a dancer, pink curtain, and indoor palm tree in this particular case) in full effect. Featuring a combination of Freetown Sound cuts ("Better Than Me," "With Him," "Augustine") and older tracks like "Sandra's Smile" and Cupid Deluxe's "You're Not Good Enough," it's an insight into the live show of one of the UK's most talented musical exports—and its quietly ethereal vibe will leave you feeling cleansed, I promise. Watch Dev Hynes' Boiler Room Weekender set below:

(Image via YouTube)