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PWR BTTM Just Released a New Track on a Post-Inauguration Fundraising Playlist

Angel Olsen and Avey Tare have also contributed to ‘Our First 100 Days‘

It's been barely 72 hours since giant Wotsit/Cheeto Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the US and already we've seen a neo-Nazi get punched in the face and turned into a meme and Madonna repeatedly scream "fuck you" on CNN. On top of that, Saturday saw more than an estimated 3 million people take part in Women's March rallies, in what may have been the biggest protest in modern American history – around the world, hundreds of thousands joined in, too.


Elsewhere, there has been another kind of protest in the form of "Our First 100 Days" a Bandcamp playlist in which a different artist releases a different track every day for the first 100 days of Trump's presidency. The first artists to contribute were Angel Olsen, Avey Tare, and our fave glittery punks PWR BTTM, who have dropped a beautiful new track "Vacation".

"Vacation' isn't about a particular person, it's about a particular feeling," the band said. "Of people hanging over you; of people trying to control you with their power. Of how we all reach a breaking point. Of the power of vulnerability. Of the power we have to get away from those kinds of people if we are true to ourselves.

Subscription to the playlist costs £24 ($30), and all proceeds will go to "organisations supporting causes that are under threat by the proposed policies of a Trump administration". For more info click here, and listen to the whole playlist (so far) below.